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Batman MEA-038 Series Set Action Figure

BY Zero Star

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Product Description

Batman, one of the most celebrated and unique superheroes, made his debut in the 27th issue of ‘Detective Comics’ all the way back in 1939. Unlike most superheroes with godly powers, the Batman character is uniquely relatable as he is a mere human. His special powers simply come from his immense wealth. In the many years since his debut there have been countless versions of the character, and thus with the launch of Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ fans of the caped crusader can enjoy some of his most classic iterations with the new Batman Assemble line. Begin your collection and ‘Assemble’ your very own Dark Knight journey today.

Product Features

  • A Beast Kingdom import
  • Collect Batman’s most classic iterations
  • Six unique designs
  • Features 1960s TV Series, Batman 1989, Batman Returns, Dark Knight Trilogy, and more

Box Contents

  • Batman TV series-Adam West’s version of Batman, took the character into full color, with a campy, yet take set in the 1960s. It's about the 1966 live-action TV series.
  • Batman 1989 film-Michael Keaton’s version of Batman catapulted the character to new heights and drew in many new fans with a dark and twisted world from the mind of Tim Burton.
  • Batman Returns-Michael Keaton’s character returns once again, with an upgraded suit and a ton of snow in yet another brooding world.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy-A celebrated and realistic take on Batman, Christian Bale, and Chris Noland unleashed the definitive trilogy filled with classic characters and a breathtaking story.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman-Ben Affleck donned the cape for a more burly and strong take on the character. Reminiscent of a boxer, this version is ready to win at any cost.
  • Justice League Batman-Ben Affleck returns for a new mission and with a new suit. A more sleek yet still muscular frame allowed Batman to take the fight straight to Darkseid.