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Diorama Stage-073-Eve

BY Zero Star

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Product Description

The story of Wall-E starts off with a ravaged Earth in the year 2805. With humanity long gone, the planet is full of waste and garbage. A fleet of cleaning robots scourge a large amount of leftover waste, cleaning and reorganizing the trash until the latest generation droid EVE (Extra-Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) lands on Earth on a probing mission. Initially hostile, EVE eventually strikes a warm and loving friendship with one cleaning robot Wall-E, creating the start of a fantastic journey for the two!

Product Features

  • Best Kingdom, under the ‘Stage Your Dreams’ D-Stage collection, proudly presents a pair of 360-degree dioramas that encapsulates the caring friendship between two generations of robots and bring to life the two main characters from the classic Pixar animation.
  • Sitting on top of a trash hill, the D-Stage 074 Wall-E is seen looking to the stars where he hopes to one day go
  • Carrying his one small pot plant and toolbox, whilst the D-Stage-073 EVE curiously observes him.
  • Manufactured with the highest techniques, each of the dioramas carefully depicts the fun characters in great detail.
  • Connect both dioramas to each other and the bases form to create the classic scene from the animation. Make sure to buy both and take home a little robot magic today! 

Box Contents

  • Stage Eve Figure with Base