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Diorama Stage-120-League of Legends- Nunu&Beelump & Heimerstinger Set

BY Zero Star

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Product Description

Following the successful launch of Beast Kingdom’s Beemo & BZZZiggs D-Stage sets, the team from ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’are back with a pair of new characters from the League Of Legends for fans to enjoy!

Product Features

  • Bound together by ancient power and a shared love of snowballs, Nunu and Willump now ramble wildly across the Freljord, breathing life into imagined adventures.
  • This time Nunu, who is wearing a bee costume, and Beelump, who has turned into a little bee, are on a journey to become heroes!
  • A brilliant yet eccentric yordle scientist, Heimerdinger is one of the most innovative and esteemed inventors Piltover has ever known.
  • Relentless in his work to the point of neurotic obsession.
  • Though his theories often appear opaque and esoteric, Heimerdinger has crafted some of Piltover's most miraculous—not to mention lethal—machinery.
  • Heimerdinger is also disguised as a bee, creating fantastical inventions that converts grenades and turrets into bees and flowers!

Box Contents

  • Nunu&Beelump & Heimerstinger Set