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Sandman: 'Golden Age' Sandman 'Variant Edition' Action Figure

BY RetroForceToyStore

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Product Description

  • Ward of Wesley Dodds, the original Sandman, Hawkins fought crime alongside his mentor as Sandy, the Golden Boy.
  • In later years, Sandy was transformed into a crazed silicon monster when one of Wesley Dodds experiments went horribly awry.
  • After being imprisoned for many decades, Sandy was ultimately cured and transformed back into human form.
  • Upon regaining his humanity, however, Sandy was shocked to discover that he had not aged during the intervening years.
  • Heir to Wesley Dodds fortune and arsenal, Sand has become the leader and financier of the new JSA. Unfortunately, Dodds wealth was not the only thing Sand inherited.
  • It appears that Sand has now been cursed with the same prophetic nightmares that Wesley Dodds struggled with. Whether or not there will prove to be any long-term side-effects as a result of Sands time spent as a monster remains to be seen.