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Star Wars Galactic Heroes Weequay and Barada

BY RetroForceToyStore

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Product Description

Weequay is armed with a vibro-axe, and Barada with a blaster pistol. Hailing from the planet of Sriluur, the Weequay is characterized by dark rugose skin and braided hair. The green-skinned bulldog-faced Barda is a Klatooinian. Both the Weequay and Barada were present when the attempt was made to hurl Luke Skywalker from the skiff and into the ghastly maw of the Sarlacc. Unfortunately for the skiff guards, Skywalker turned the event into an escape skirmish. Skywalker attacked the skiff guards with his lightsaber. Barada tumbled from the skiff, and was entangled with the tongue of the Sarlacc and dragged into the monsterâs maw.