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Star Wars The Clone Wars Ultimate Battle Pack AT-OT - The Battle of Christophsis

BY Star Wars

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Product Description

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3 3/4" animated action figure line from Hasbro
  • This Target exclusive ultimate battle pack from 2008 includes the AAT and AT-AP vehicles, 2 Clone Troopers, 2 Battle Droids, 1 Super Battle Droid and 1 Anakin Skywalker action figure with weapon accessories.
  • For Ages 4 & Up

Clone Troopers and Battle Droids clash on the streets of Crystal City. Anakin Skywalker leads a squad of Clone Troopers against Separatist forces on the remote planet of Christophsis. Weapons fire blasts the roadways and shatters the crystalline buildings, as each side looks for a weakness in his opponent's line of defense. AAT's rumble through the smoke-filled city under fire from Republic heavy artillery and Clone Troopers mounted on mobile AT-AP's stride forward to meet them head on. Explosions erupt throughout the city, an all-too-familiar sound of battle being echoed on planets throughout the war-torn galaxy.